DIY :: How to Make a Ribbon Tree

DIY Ribbon Tree
DIY projects usually go something like this for me:  think of an idea, go to Hobby Lobby and buy all the supplies to create the idea, get home and put the bags of supplies in the closet and plan on the project for the next day, three months later find said supplies in closet, try to remember what the hell they're even for, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Nine out of ten times, it never gets done.  That's because I like to think I'm more creative than I actually am.  In fact, I rather just buy it already made.  Unless it's easy.  Like, actually easy and not one of those assembly time approximately 1 hour and four hours later you still have a desk in pieces on your floor kind of thing.

Basically the only time DIY projects get done are when they require minimal steps and supplies.  Today I'm going to share an actual easy way to make your own ribbon tree.  This is one of those easy DIY projects that won't sit in your closet to be discovered months later, I promise.  And they make for cute Christmas decorations to place all around your house!  Here's how to make a ribbon tree:

W H A T  Y O U  N E E D
Foam cone

W H A T  Y O U  D O
Cut ribbon into 4 inch long strips.  Fold ribbon in half to form a loop and place the pins at the center top through the loop.  Starting from the bottom of the cone, begin pinning your ribbon to create your first row around the cone.  Repeat until you work your way to the top of the cone.  Once the cone is full, top the cone with a decorative option of your choice!

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