Christmas Cash Giveaway

Let's talk about Christmas shopping for a minute.  Am I the only one that shops for myself on Black Friday?  Every year I tell myself I'm going to get all my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday and take advantage of the sales, except only one of those two things happen.  I take advantage of the sales.  For myself, that is.  And then there's still a Christmas list waiting to be scratched off for the family.  Did I buy anyone gifts yet?  No.  But did I get myself a new wardrobe, a purse, pajamas, and random crap I only thought I needed when I saw the sale price?  You betcha!  I mean, I reallyyy needed that $5 food processor and those $2 DVDs, 'cuz know in case Netflix is ever down.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, sale, sale sale, you win.  Every. Damn. Time.

There is a way to make up for it though.  How's $225 in Christmas cash sound?  I don't know about you, but I still have a huge list of gifts to check off and this could sure get the job done!  Or perhaps supply a new wardrobe and unnecessary on sale items.  Your choice!
Christmas Cash Giveaway copy

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