You Know You Go to a SEC School When

Football in the South is a big deal.  It's not just a game, it's a way of life.  When Fall finally comes around, you know it's the best thing to ever happen.  You don't have to think of Saturday plans because you know it will involve going to the game and passing out somewhere after.  Game day is a holiday in itself and it's a free pass to go from Southern belle to struggling to keep is classy faster than you can say "bless your heart."  Everyone is your friend until it's rival week and you can't help but to take on certain tendencies and think a certain way, because if you ain't SEC, you ain't shit.
You can wear the same dress on game day that you wore to your sororities semi formal.

If you ain't greek, you ain't sh*t, said no GDI ever.

Your team is #1. The rankings don't matter.

You can't name the other conferences or who is in them.

No school does tailgating better than your school.

You're drunk by 10 am.

Your school has the loudest stadium.

You think your college team could beat the state's NFL team.

It's tradition to burn statues in honor of your ex coach.
All the rest might as well be division III.

You think every non SEC team is overrated. 

Everyone knows a ranking isn't deserved unless they play as hard of a schedule as you.


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