Thoughts of the New Girl in a New City

After living in three new cities in three years, I can confidently say being new in an unfamiliar place sucks until you reach the familiar point.  These are my thoughts of being the new girl in a new city  that pretty much sum up my last three years.
thoughts of the new girl in a new city

W E E K  O N E

Where am I?

Wow, I'm like really far from home.

Is there a grocery nearby?

Who has the best pizza?

How far is the liquor store?

Do they have Chick-fil-A out here?

How far is Target from my house?

I have no friends.

W E E K  T  W O

What's with the accents?

People don't know how to drive out here.

Where am I?

Do I really have to put on makeup?  I mean, nobody knows me anyway.

Why can't I buy liquor on a Sunday morning?  Don't they know that's when the Saints play?

You mean I don't get the Saints game on tv out here?

What do people do for fun here?

Is this the street my house is on or is it the next one?

W E E K  T H R E E

Where am I?

Oops, wrong turn.

I'm lost.

When will I meet people?

Is something wrong with me?

How late are the bars open?

This place really has the worst drivers.

The good news is I finally know where Target is, sans GPS.

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