That Time it Snowed in Dallas

I feel like I'd be going against all promises I made to myself when I first started this blog if I didn't do this one thing:  document.

As you may already know, it "snowed" in Dallas Sunday night, so naturally, it needs to be documented.

The snow lasted about 30 minutes and made quite the impact.  It covered cars, grills, grass, and even lingered around until the next morning.  Here's proof:
snow in dallas
Look at all of that snow!  (I really can't say that with a straight face).

But still, my reaction to seeing the snow fall from the sky was everything but what a person that's previously lived in New England would express.

You'd think after living basically in the North Pole I would have had enough, but no.  I still managed to jump up and down with excitement, rush upstairs to grab some boots, a coat, and a beanie and go outside to stare at the sky.

My reaction to the first snow fall of the season is that of a person experiencing it for the very first time.  It never fails.

And that brings me to my next thought.  I have a love/hate relationship with that powdery stuff.  It excites me and gets me all giddy inside, but the second I have to drive to do normal daily life functions in it, I hate it.  Or when it snows for 6 months straight, or when it forms black dirty piles that are two feet high that linger around for months, or when it mixes with the brown sand placed on the roads and gets all over your car, or when it freezes and makes sidewalks the new skating rink just waiting for you to step on and bust your ass, I hate it.

But then when your yard looks like this, it's kind of hard to be mad at it.
new england snowPsst..  that was from my yard in New England. Dallas will never see that much snow.

What gives?

I'm sure I'll miss it.

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