November Goals

glittered pumpkins

1.  Get my blog/craft room set up.  Everything I ordered is just about in.  Now it's a matter of hanging the gallery wall and choosing where everything will go.  The words gallery wall alone give my indecisive self anxiety.  

2.  Stop saying I'm going to do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred again and actually do it. 

3.  Get my Etsy shop ready for the holiday season and finish clearing out all the current jewelry styles.  BIG changes are coming y'all!

4.  Buy some pumpkins and decorate them like my glitter bombed ones from last year.  Is it sad I still haven't gotten a real pumpkin yet!?

5.  Put up my Christmas tree.  Yes, you heard that right.. in November!  Last year I put up my tree  and decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving and I didn't regret it!  It was nice enjoying it and in my opinion, made Thanksgiving even cozier.

6.  Get poodle a haircut.  My goal is to have this done prior to Thanksgiving, before the whole family sees her and I get the worst dog mom of the year award.  Or more like best mom of the year because she gets expensive haircuts and my hair only gets cut twice a year when it's free.

7.  Try a new recipe for Thanksgiving.  Two years ago I had to spend my first Thanksgiving away from my family and was forced to prove that I can cook Thanksgiving dinner.  I tried this recipe and it was a success.  Now I'll have to try something new to share with the family since I'll be able to have a real Thanksgiving again!

8.  Get most of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday.  Black Friday is like its own holiday for me.  I usually act like it's Christmas for myself on this day, so this year I'm going to try to focus on less bargain shopping for me and getting my Christmas shopping for others done early.

9.  Pay it forward.  Buying a coffee for the person in line behind me doesn't sound like a bad idea.  Tis' the season!

10.  Buy some plants for the yard.  I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to plants and gardening, but the space is starting to look sad and needs more greenery.  It's never too late to learn!

What are your goals for November?

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