Fallin' on a Budget: Fall Must Haves Edition

If you've browsed Instagram or any fashion blogs lately, I'm sure you've seen by now that cute little J.Crew herringbone puffer vest and of course, the oh so popular Zara plaid blanket scarf.  These staples are basically the uniform of fall.  They may be a bit overplayed since everyone on Instagram and their mother seem to have them (including me, I'll lay my head in shame), but they're too cute to pass up, until you see the price tag, that is.

For me, I'm all about ballin' on a budget, or in this case, fallin' on a budget.  I'm not about to pay $100+ for a vest and anything over twenty for a scarf.  Call me cheap, it is what it is, but that's why I made sure to find these fall must haves for less. I don't mind an investment piece here and there, but for something that will most likely be out of style by next season, I'll take the more for less approach.  Here's where to find these staple pieces so you can be fallin' on a budget too!

j crew herringbone puffer vest with zara plaid blanket scarf

1.  J. Crew herringbone puffer vest.  Many boutiques carry similar styles, but I haven't seen one for less than $50, until I came across a GroopDealz steal for $30!  The deal is currently unavailable, but a quick search on the seller's Facebook page indicated the deal will be back on November 14, so mark your calendars, ladies! 

2.   Zara style plaid blanket scarf.  Again, many boutiques carry these, but the best deal I've found is as cheap as $13 dollars with free shipping!  Yes, you heard that right! 

3.  Taupe riding boots.  I saw these beauties a few weeks ago when I was out shopping with my mom, but I already have an investment pair of boots, so I sadly walked away.  I've been eyeing a taupe pair for a while now, and I just so happened to check for them online to find they were on sale, for half off, at only $40! It's hard to come by a pair of boots under fifty dollars these days!

4.  Phillip Lim for Target inspired mini bag.  The Phillip Lim bag is one of my most used bags!  It's the perfect size for on the go and the style is very cute and trendy.  I regret only getting the taupe color since I use it so much and wish I had the black as well.  Since Phillip Lim was a limited edition line at Target, the option is no longer available, but then I saw this similar crossbody bag from Forever 21 for only $25!  

If you've been doing the math, that means you can get all of these fall must have accessories for less than what you would pay for that original vest up there.  Not bad if I do say so myself!

What are your favorite fall must haves!?  

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