Why Spend When You Could Win

Free ad space and gift cards are what bloggers' dreams are made of, am I right or am I right!?  We all know sponsoring blogs can add up pretty quickly, but so can a shopping addiction, so there's that.  Let's think of it this way:  why spend when you can win!? For one lucky reader, you'll win ad space and gift cards from 13 blogs and shops.  Call me superstitious, but I don't like the sound of that previous sentence and the use of the number 13 with Halloween and all things eery being so close, so let's just pretend I said the number 14 instead (but it's really 13) and just go with it, okay!?  I also don't like odd numbers, so 14 it is.  The last one is a ghost, because Halloween.

Alright, now that we got that whole number issue out of the way, let's get to the real reason why you're here today.  The giveaway, hosted by yours truly and a bunch of other sweet bloggers!
*Southern Beauty Guide// *My Fair Daily// Busy Being Jennifer{Homespun Happiness Shop}// *Kristie's Blue Jeans//
*The Southern Thing// Bijoux Avenue //*Gettin' Fit Fab// *A Gayle Force// *Reā€¢solve// *Glitz & Grits// *Life With a Side of Coffee// Keeping Up With Ashley and Cody// Life as Rachel {Country Couture}
*Indicates this participant is giving away ad space

And just incase you aren't feeling the luck since I've already cursed you with the unlucky number 13, I'll make it up to you.  For a short time only, ALL ad spaces are 50% off on my blog with code FALL50.  Get you some!

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