What to Do on Halloween When You Don't Know What to Do

You didn't get invited to this year's frat party, you're too lazy to think of a costume, your friends are stuck home with newborn babies, and you honestly would prefer to sit home and watch Netflix, eat your own candy, and toss back a bottle of wine or two. Does that sound like Halloween after college or what?

It's an awkward time of life.  You're no longer in college but you're not ready to throw your young card right out the window just yet and settle for handing out candy to sugar craving trick or treaters.  So what does one do when they don't know what to do on Halloween?  I can think of a few things for you.

1.  Have your own Halloween party, of one, with a costume and all.  Enjoy staying home and ignoring the world while being braless, makeup-less, and pantless, just the way you like it.  If a trick or treater happens to knock on your door and wonder what your "costume" is, just tell 'em your a basic 20-something.

2.  Start planning for Christmas.  Shame on you for ignoring Mr. Halloween, but there's no denying that while part of you cringes when you walk into Target and see the Christmas displays before Halloween, you're also all giddy inside.

3.  Practice your makeup skills.  Those YouTube videos make it look so easy, but honestly you suck at contouring.  You look like a cross between Snookie and Snow White, but that's okay, because Halloween.
4.  Have a Halloween movie marathon with your fur child.  It's been proven that watching Casper does good for the soul.

5.  Host a Halloween beer tasting party with your friends and see which pumpkin spice, apple spice, apple cider, spiced cider, pumpkin cider, apple crisp, or spiced crisp beer is the best because OMGFALL.
6.  When all else fails, put on your monkey mask and drive around the city.  Play it cool but sneak a peak at the car at the red light next to you.  Their facial expression will be priceless (not that I did this in Downtown Boston or anything to know..)

What will you be doing this Halloween?!