We're Moving, Again!

movingBy this weekend, Chris and I will officially be moved into place number five together!  Finally we can say we are no longer homeless in Dallas.  Okay, we weren't completely homeless, just homeless of our own home.

We had been staying with a family member since we got here so we could take the time to patiently look for a place.  While we're both thankful to have family to take us in, we're both overly excited to have our own place again.

When we moved to Dallas, we knew we didn't want to do what we initially did when we moved to New England, and that was rush to find a place in 48 hours.  I wanted to make sure we were both comfortable with the new area here and had a definite idea of what part of town we wanted to be in.  Nothing's worse than finding a place you think you like and then being stuck with it later on when you realize it's not really for you, and trust me, I've been there and done that and it's the last thing I ever want to do again.  

Originally we had the idea of buying a house here, but to be completely honest, something so permanent like home ownership scared the crap out of me and after weeks and weeks of toying around that idea, we voted against it.  I think a year under our belt of living in Dallas will give us more of an idea of what we really want to do later on, but since we're still new here, I think it's best to wait.  So back to the rental route we went.  

After looking at hundreds of listings online, we narrowed our search down to several potential places.   On Tuesday, we finally found the one and I'm overly excited!  There's a loft area upstairs right before the master bedroom entrance and I have plans on finally getting an office/craft room.  To say home decor and Pinterest pinning has consumed my mind and time is an understatement.  I can't wait to have everything moved in, unpacked, and settled this weekend.  It's a bit overwhelming considering how impatient I am at the moment, so for the first time ever I'll say this, can we just fast forward to Monday?  Because this weekend will be a busy and tiring one but I'm still counting down to it!  This has been the slowest week to say the least!  

Eeeekk I'm so excited!!  Let the home decor shopping commence!

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