The State Fair of Texas Made Me a Texan

This weekend I became a true Texan by attending my very first State Fair of Texas.  I'm now officially offish.  Don't be expecting any cowboy boots around these parts anytime soon though.  Let's just take this one step at a time, shall we?  I don't need to be dressing like this guy!  Hey, Big Tex!  Whoever said everything's bigger in Texas was spot on.
state fair of texas big texI'm no newbie to fairs so take my word on it when I say this one takes it to a whole new level with the food.  It's the norm to have all the fried things at fairs, but holy grease get in my arteries they seriously had fried everything here.  I wouldn't be completely honest with y'all if I didn't say one of the reasons I wanted to go to the fair was for the food.  And the beer of course.  Because hi I'm a fat kid at heart and there's no shame in my game.

I may be an official Texan now, but leave it to me to find the Louisiana food at the fair and stick to it.  Some things just never change and my love for my home state food will never go away, so obviously I had to give this year's winner, also known as fried gulf shrimp boil, a try.
state fair of texas fried gulf shrimp boil winnerAnd by golly it didn't disappoint.  Think everything you would have in a shrimp boil, like shrimp, corn, and  potatoes all fried into one giant ball and you get this:
state fair of texas fried gulf shrimp boil winnerAnd then there were the fried crawfish pies from a local Louisiana booth with all the other south Louisiana fixins like gumbo, alligator, and red beans and rice, which never disappoints.
state fair of texas fried crawfish piesNow for the next reason why I wanted to go to the fair: the beer.  But not just any beer, this girl had here eye on some funnel cake beer.  As soon as I got to the fair, the search began to find this brewed cup of joy.  After stalking nearly every food and drink tent, I finally found it, only to see a sign that read "OUT" in big ole red letters, which was enough to make me feel like a kid unwrapping coal on Christmas.
state fair of texas funnel cake ale So now the journey continues to get my hands on this somewhere, anywhere, in Dallas.  #desperation.  I was a bit upset, but nothing a little live music couldn't fix.  Collective Soul happened to be playing right as I made my way to the main stage.  Perfect timing if you ask me!
state fair of texas chevy main stage
state fair of texas lone star boulevardNow I have a year to count down til the next one and plan which fried things I'll get my hands on!

Have you been to the state fair?  What's your favorite fair food?

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