My Best and Worst Vacation

Vacations are the number one thing I count down to.  If there's a way to vacation 24/7, sign me up.  I've had my fair share of vacations, so today I'm going to share my best and worst with you.  Although no vacation I've been on has been a bad one, there are some things that could have been left out.  Let's start with my best vacation first.

My best vacation that sits at the top of my list was my trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas to stay at The Atlantis Resort for a week.  My favorite vacation spot is the beach, but this beach experience is on a whole different level.  When you have a resort that looks like paradise, actually in paradise, what can beat that!?
The Atlantis Resort Paradise Island, BahamasMy typical beach trips are usually to southern Gulf beaches like Florida and Alabama, but this tropical water of the Bahamas put all other beaches to shame.  
the bahamasThe resort itself is nothing short of amazing.  There's basically an entire water park and aquarium inside along with endless shopping and restaurants.  I haven't been since 2006, so I imagine it's even better now.  Not to mention, 2006 would make me far below the drinking age, so another trip in the near future is a must to really enjoy those $15 poolside drinks.
the bahamas beachLast but not least, I'll leave you with this little eight year old gem I found hiding in my photo albums of my me and my dad with our matching glasses, my pencil thin eyebrows and all.  #ThrowBackTuesday at its finest.

Now onto my worst vacation, except I wouldn't call it the worst vacation because this one is also one of my favorites.  But we could've done without one little event that occurred during our last full day in the city.  

I had just graduated from LSU and Chris surprised me with a trip to New York City.  I had never been to a large city like that and it would be the start of the first time I traveled that far north.  Sheltered, I know (fast forward a few years to when we would move to New England and spent weekend after weekend in NYC.  Funny how that works!).

We did all the typical touristy things that tourists do when they're in New York City, like walk through Central Park and basically the entire borough of Manhattan until we made our way into China Town.
new york city central park couples photoAnd that's where it happened.  We were in China Town, about to escape the last little Asian lady whispering "Gucci Gucci, Coach, Louis" in our ears as we were walking down the stairs to enter the subway.  It was a rainy day and standing water was along the streets.  Right as were walking down the stairs to enter the platform, a truck drives by, IN the puddle, and splashes a monsoon of a waterfall up into the air and right down onto the two of us as we're walking down.  It was like a scene at Splash Mountain in Disney World.  It took only a few seconds to smell the nasty stinch that was now coming from our bodies.  If you ever smelled a NYC hobo riding solo in an empty subway cart, you know exactly how we smelled.  People were staring at us because we smelled that bad.  If you're ever wondering how to grab the attention of every god forbid I make eye contact with a stranger person in the city of Manahattan, go splash in the street water of China Town, that'll get their attention.

Needless to say, the rest of our evening was kind of ruined.  We had plans to go to Top of the Rock, but by the time we caught the subway back to where we were staying, showered, and got back into the city, it was too late.  So that, my friends, is how you turn an otherwise awesome vacation, into a bad one!

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