5 Things I'm an Expert At

Being Basic.
Because, Fall.  And omgpumpkineverything!!!!.
shock top pumpkin wheatSpending Money.
Give me a Target and a debit card and I can do some serious damage, that is, if the debit card has some money linked to it.

Eating Badly.
I've never successfully completed a diet, but I've successfully finished an entire pizza and plate of Oreo cheesecake truffles before. Psst, these babes will be coming to a blog near you soon!
oreo cheesecake trufflesSpotting Bloggers.
Think your blog is a secret?  Think again!  You're not so anonymous after all!  #Busted

Saving Money.
Contrary to point #2, I can be pretty good at saving money, especially when it comes down to finding the look for less.  Take this desk I ordered last night for example.  This baby was half the price of the one I originally wanted.  That's what I call a success!
white desk

What are you an expert at!?

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