Why I'm a Long-Term Relationship Person

Some like to be single, others prefer to be in relationships. To that I say whatever floats your boat, but for me, I'm a relationship girl.

I like feeling comfortable around people where I can be 100% myself.  This doesn't mean I'm not myself around new people in my life, I'm just being honest when I say maybe they just don't see the whole thing until they really know me.  Which brings me back to my comfort zone and why I'm a long term relationship girl (and because I have a good one already and why "upgrade" when anything else would just be a downgrade- brownie points to me if Chris is reading- hiii!).

If I ever had to do the dating thing all over again (and I sure as hell don't plan on it!),  I'm not sure if I could.   Here's why:
long term relationship would be too shy to eat three cookies and ask for another when he only ate one.

I could never wear my fat clothes around some guy I just met without feeling judged.

Fat clothes are necessary because, Netflix binges.

Bras are pointless and should never be worn at home.  So is makeup.

I need to be able to buy three different brands of the same color nail polish without being asked why.

I would go bat sh*t crazy waiting for him to maybe text or call me back.

I prefer to be allowed five calls in a row until he answers and not be labeled as "psycho- do not answer" in his iPhone. 

I would also go bat sh*t crazy waiting for him to text or call me back for potential plans.

Maybe I am bat sh*t crazy.  But wait, who isn't?

There's a reason why a lot of guys are still single the closer they get to 30.

When given the right food, I could probably eat more than him.

I would scare a new guy away with my pregnant-like random food cravings.

This blog. And the fact the other (in real life) people may read it other than Chris and my parents.

And because I can't end this post on 13 points, like any twenty-something would say, "I can't even."

So what are you!?  A relationship or single/dating type of person?  

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