What's In My Professional Work Bag

I'm the nosey type when it comes down to products and things people love, so today I'm going to share what's in my work bag for all my fellow noseys (is that even a word? probably not) out there. My new Michael Kors beauty that Chris got me for our anniversary is great for work and fun.   It's big enough to carry everything I need while still looking stylish.  By everything, I literally mean every thing. What is it about leaving the house and feeling the need to be a pack rat? It's like I don't plan on ever leaving the office  or returning home and let's all say a little prayer that none of us ever end up with a job like that.  Eight hours is still too many hours not spend in the bed watching Netflix, so alas, it's necessary to bring all the things.
what's in my work bagPerhaps you're starting your first job or internship and don't know what to bring.  If you want my advice, these are all the things I never head to the office without :
+ agenda
+ protein bar for mid afternoon snack
+ pens for color coding agenda
+ peppermint oil (a godsend for headaches)
+ germ-x because, eww
+ portable iphone charger
+ elastic hair ties
+ a cupcake panty

I know you're thinking but whyyy an extra set of panties!?  Panties... that word, I can't.  But hear me out.  Being a female isn't always pretty during certain times, if ya know what I mean, and these cute Affinitas cupcake packaged thongs and hipsters can come in handy.  I mean, there's a freakin cupcake object in my purse, it doesn't get much cuter than that y'all.  Not to mention they come in cute prints as well.  When it's that time, you just never know.  Better safe than sorry- might as well do it in style.

Don't miss your chance to get some Affinitas cupcake panties of your own!  Just go here to enter for your chance to win a $1000 scholarship and a "Super Baker's Dozen" lot of 16 cupcake panties by 9/30.  Follow Affinitas on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and send a pic of your college acceptance letter to enter!

Now it's your turn!  What's in your work bag?  

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