Top Tailgating Essentials

Today’s post is sponsored by Sam’s Club, but my love for their tailgating and football season is all my own!
top tailgating essentials

S H O P   T H E   E S S E N T I A L S
grill | soundbar | smart tv | velveeta | kc masterpiece | chili | multicooker | tablet | ranch | skittles

If I made a list of favorite things to do, tailgating would be at the very top.  What's not to love about an excuse to indulge in all the food, enjoy a cold beer, and watch the best teams ever (I'm looking at you, Saints & LSU) put a good whooping on whoever the unfortunate team is they're facing?  There's a reason football season is the best season ever, am I right!?

This season, Sam's Club has all the top tailgating essentials you need with prices that can't be beat.  From 65" LED TVs to the perfect portable gas grill, they'll hook you up.

My idea of the perfect tailgate includes an outdoor TV setup with a sound bar for extra oomph for SEC game day and opponent hate watching, all the food (buffet style, for obvious reasons, just give me all the food!!) all the candy, a tablet to stream more games, and of course, a beer pong table (because party).  Does that not sound like the perfect day or what!?

What are your top tailgating essentials?

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