Start and End Dates of Life

sunset on the beachFor nearly my entire life, I, like many, have lived with a start and end date.  You start school in August, you end in May.  It's the same schedule year after year.  The "new year" begins in August, rather than January, and ends in May.  You get your three month break and then it's a fresh start.  That's what I've grown accustomed to.  There's always been a known end and a new beginning to look forward to.

For me,  the last several years of life went something like this:  Graduate high school, go to college for four years, enjoy senior year of college and the end of a chapter and a new start, take a year off after graduation to live life, during that year look forward to starting grad school and moving across the country to start a new chapter, spend two years in grad school and know it will all end May 2014, and come June 2014, move again to start yet another chapter.  

And here we are.  That next chapter, except this time there's no set end date and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I like having a time frame to look forward to, like knowing I only have one year of school left and then I get to move, or something along those lines to change things up before getting sucked into the same routine day after day.  But the thing is, it doesn't really work that way once the whole school thing is all said and done.  The next step is to finally start your career you've been building and working so hard towards.  Now that the time has come, I can't help but ask myself "now what?"

And that right there is what gives me all the mixed feelings in the world.  It's obvious that I don't fear change, in fact, I crave it. Maybe that's why I've lived in 4 different states and have signed six different leases in my lifetime.  But in the "real world", that lifestyle isn't considered the norm.  You don't just get bored with a city and pick up and leave to go to the next, and then the next, and then another.  Same goes for jobs.  Sure, no one is stopping you from doing this, but it surely isn't recommended.  

So my question is, how do you keep things interesting when you find yourself already falling into routine with no more start and end dates?  It's challenging when the vision of the future just seems like a flat body of water rather than a choppy ocean.  

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