Our First Texas Rangers Game

Last night was my second time attending a professional baseball game.  The first happened when I went to a Red Sox game right before I moved from Massachusetts and the second happened last night at the Texas Rangers game.  

I've been wanting to go to a Rangers game since Chris and I moved here, but we got caught up doing other things and it somehow slipped my mind.  But then I read about Kate's awesome summer and it reminded me that we never made it to a game yet.  My thoughts went from somewhere along the lines of "well shit, now it's too late and we'll have to wait til next year" to checking StubHub and finding $7 seats and being all like "wooohooo let's get tickets and go" and so we did!

After a long debate on whether or not we wanted all you can eat patio seats or not, we decided to just get normal people seats. It was a tough choice if I'm being honest.  By the way, Texas people if you're reading, there's an all you can eat patio with all the hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, chicken sandwiches, and sodas you can handle.. just saying!  We like to pretend we somewhat have self control, but it was $1 hot dog night, so that idea went straight out the window, err park I should say.
Globe Life Park Arlington TexasTexas Rangers gameBaseball games are always more fun with beer.  Especially when said beer cost more than your seat. And the parking cost more than both seats combined!  But $1 hot dogs though!  
Texas Rangers $1 hot dog nightAbout that game.  Rangers won!  I repeat, rangers won and beat the Astros!!  
globe life park baseball fieldBut of course we left right when the game got good!  As in two home runs good.  Typical move for us.  And that's why you don't leave games early.  Lesson learned!
baseball fieldDid I mention the weather was nearly perfect last night?  It was comfortable in Texas.  Hallelujah and cheers to that! 

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