Oktober Festin' Football Watchin' Food Truckin' Weekend

T.G.I.I.F.  Thank God it's iPhone Friday was the motto for the start of my weekend.  After picking up my new favorite thing, the iPhone 6 Plus, my weekend was at a great start.  That camera is all the heart eyed emojis.  And then I got home to find out Verizon messed up something on my account and the only way to fix it may be to return the phone.  That's where the red fuming pissed faced emoji comes in.  More on that later though.

Sigh.  Keep calm and carry on now..

Saturday Chris and I ventured over to Addison for Oktoberfest.  Day drinking and German beer?  Count me in!  In my typical fashion, I managed to find the sports tent that was playing all the college football games so you better believe I parked it in there, because ac + football.  Tell me what's better than fall.  Notta.
That iPhone 6+ camera though.  It's a godsend I tell ya.
After we were Oktoberfested out, we headed to Dodie's to catch the LSU game with all the other LSU  tigers in Dallas.  Like my Louisiana self, I ordered some boiled shrimp and a gator punch and sat patiently for the Tigers to play like the team I know they are.  Hope was eventually lost when we decided to leave 4th quarter only to find out our boys decided to finally work some magic and turn that game around.  Almost.  Except that magic just wasn't enough.  Great come back boys, but please don't give me a near heart attack like that again, ever.  Enough of this second half team bullshizzz.
On Sunday we went to the Great Texas Food Truck Rally.  It may be fall everywhere else, but here in Dallas, summer doesn't seem to want to let go. 
I was hoping to grab a plate of red beans & rice from the Cajun Tailgators truck but the line was about 50 people deep.  Long lines and hot blazing sun weren't in the formula for me that day, so I opted to hit up some chocolate hazelnut Pinkberry instead.
It was a weekend well spent in my book.  

And just like that, Monday is back and the countdown to Friday is in full force.  Until next time!

How was your weekend!?

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