My Game Changer

My Mom is my game changer.  A hard working, caring, selfless woman.  Our relationship can be described as a best friendship.  If we go shopping, we'll always walk out with the same outfit.  If there's something I like, it's probably her favorite too.  We're basically the same person, just like best friends are.  Maybe it's because we share the same birthday, or maybe it's just the love mothers and daughters share.  Whatever it may be, I am thankful for that.  She has been my number one supporter in achieving any goal I set for myself.  Her words of encouragement, even during the toughest of times, make her my game-changer and I couldn't have gotten to where I am without her. 

In celebration of the women game changers in our life,  LUNA, the makers of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women, established LUNAFEST to connect women, their stories and their causes through film.  This traveling film festival spotlights the work of a diverse array of talented women film makers.  You can check the schedule here to see if they'll be in your town soon.

LUNAFEST helps raise money for non-profits in communities and the Breast Cancer Fund.  To date, nearly $2.5 million dollars has been raised and thousands of attendees have come away moved, entertained and inspired by these films for women.  You too can make a difference by attending one of the local events or donate to one of their supported non-profits.  I encourage you all to watch some of these inspiring game changers by clicking here.

LUNAFEST 2014-2015 Season Trailer 

Thank you to LUNA Bar for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me with real women’s stories at LUNAFEST. 

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