It Started With Hello

I've mentioned before how Chris and I met, but when I sit down to think about the whole situation, it really comes down to one thing- it started with hello
Grainy iPhone pic circa 2011
A simple "hello" from him five years ago and here we are.  That just seems crazy to me.  If y'all read my five year anniversary post, you know the story.  But just think.  If he would've never said hello, where would we both be today?  Who knows.  And that gets me thinking even more.  I tend to see things in a way that everything we do influences something.  Like what if he decided to sign that lease at the other college apartment he was considering?  Then we would've never been neighbors and never really met.  Or what if I decided not to steal my Mom's new dog at the time that's now my fur child?  Then we would've never crossed paths outside walking our dogs and exchanged a simple hello.  Or what if we didn't go to the same high school?  Would he have ever said hello to me or was the previous connection what sparked that initial convo?  All of this gets me wondering!  But wow!  Who would've known a simple hello would lead to many chapters in a book I never planned on writing.  It's pretty awesome how this thing we call life works.

I guess my point of today's post is that we never really know what a simple hello can do.  Maybe your hello can make a stranger's day at the post office, or can break the ice and turn into a romance, or maybe sending a hello can put a smile on your best friend's face like a surprise mail day can do.  You just never know until you try it.  

Today I'm going to do something I'm guilty of not doing enough, and that's saying hello to a stranger. And while I'm at it, I'll be spreading what I like to call hello happiness and sharing the love with the gift of Lindt HELLO chocolate, because who doesn't love chocolate!?  If you say no then I may just have to rethink our friendship because this stuff is nothing short of amazing.  See for yourself.
To get a better idea of what I mean by all of this, just watch this video, a fun, new romantic comedy digital series inspired by the cheeky personalities of the new Lindt HELLO products.  

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Has a simple hello changed your life?

This post was sponsored by Lindt, but all opinions are my own.

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