Football, Friends, Food, & Fun

And just like that the Monday morning struggle bus arrived.  Can we go back to the weekend please? Where all things are football, friends, food, and fun?  I like that daily forecast way better.

Because when your days consist of the following, nothing can beat it.
sprinkles sundae cap'n crunchSprinkles cap'n crunch ice cream with a dark chocolate cupcake.  This stuff y'all.  Words can't even describe it.  And a cupcake ATM!!?  My vote is we have one on every corner.
sprinkles cupcake atmAnd margaritas with chips and salsa for dinner every night.  
on the border strawberry mango margaritaIf every season was football season, I wouldn't mind that either.
AT&T stadium arlington texasBecause #WHODAT.
AT&T stadium screenWith football season comes best friends and games!
And an unfamiliar Saints team.  I'm not even going to get into that one today.  17-38?!  I can't.
new orleans saints vs dallas cowboysIt's time to bring that Dome magic on the road with us.  We still have time!
In the meantime, I'll keep smiling and eating cupcakes 'cuz I know the Saints have it in them!

How was your weekend!?