Five Year Anniversary Recap

On this day last week, Chris and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! It's safe to say we're creatures of habit over here.  What started with a surprise reservation to change things up a bit and have dinner at the Melting Pot ended up with a hibachi dinner instead, but I mean who doesn't love hibachi!?  At least we tried to do something different, it just didn't quite happen, because fried rice (insert emoji heart eyes here). 

Prior to dinner, we exchanged gifts and per usual, boyfriend didn't disappoint! He's getting good at this whole blogger boyfriend role. Of course he knew this would be documented and blasted all over Instagram, but extra points for him for arranging everything just perfectly to do so. He's good at this y'all. 
michael kors gift bagHe had me at Michael Kors (where's another heart eyed emoji when a girl needs it!?) But... what's in the bag!?  You shall see!  Not pictured are the personal golf lessons I got him, but let's be honest, how do you photograph such a thing if it didn't happen yet? Chris is serious about stepping his Top Golf game up so hopefully he'll be one step closer to that goal.
five year anniversaryOne of these days we'll be that couple asking random people to take our picture, but for now, we'll stick with selfies.
michael kors selma handbagAnd awkward poses while we're at it.  Don't I look thrilled to be taking that photo!?  Fashion bloggers, watch out!  In all honesty, this photo makes me cringe, but the dress is cute so I wanted to share it, and of course, that swoon worthy bag needed to be shown because boyfriend did good and I believe credit should be given where credit is due!
hibashi dallas hibachi dinnerAnd since it's nearly lunch time, I figured I'd leave you with this.  You're welcome for that. 

Sorry!  That was mean.  But it's ok, I just tortured myself looking at it too.

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