Down Da Bayou and Up Da Riva

If you follow me on Instagram, you most likely saw the new toy that arrived at my driveway of my parent's home in Louisiana.  If you don't follow, then shame on you, how can I take this friendship seriously!?  But really though.  This new baby arrived with a huge agenda of fun in the sun. 
So we did what any river rat would do and spent the weekend doing stuff like this.  Want to see me happy?  Just give me a boat, some beer, and football.  
Hours were spent going down da bayou and up da riva, like a true New Orleanian would say.  I'd tell you what river we were on, but that would call for an entire grammar lesson of it's own just to pronounce it and I rather overflow y'all with a thousand photos instead.
Cruising the waters of Louisiana always gives me a new appreciation of my beautiful home town.  It's so calm and laid back.  The moss filled trees and gorgeous homes make it one of a kind. 
I've always known I was a river rat, but damn I need this lifestyle stat.  Why did I ever leave again!?
Starting your day boating and ending it by pulling up to one of the river front bars for some live music is what I'm all about.  There's never a dull moment and that's how we do it round here!

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