Currently I Am

Looking for:  a place to go apple picking that's in driving distance from Dallas.  I'm starting to realize this doesn't exist here and that gives me all the sad faces in the world.
apple pickingWishing I could:  wear boots, leggings, and scarves without feeling like I'm sitting in a sauna.  Anytime now, fall!

Looking forward to:  going to the game to see the Saints beat the Cowgirlsboys this Sunday.  Whooo Dattt!

Watching:  Flip or Flop on HGTV.  Beautiful houses with dark wood floors, light grey walls, bright kitchens and modern prints!? Gimme all of dat.

Craving:  a Starbucks PSL.  The weird thing is I'm not even a pumpkin spice fan girl, but something about my never ending desire for fall in this never ending Texas heat is making me want one.  If you can't feel fall, you might as well drink it?  Or something like that.

Torn between:  my iPhone 6 Plus and the 6.  I've had the Plus for a few days now and the large screen has grown on me.  So much that a 5s looks like some old school iPod classic piece.  However, it's a two handed device and I'm just wondering if a 6 would better suit me.  But then when that's my only complaint I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  #Help!

Thankful for:  a boyfriend that rubs me til I fall asleep every night. #BestEver

Confused about:  why I use hashtags in blog posts because they serve no purpose but I do it anyway #becauseIcan

Addicted to:  this game I downloaded from the app store called Two Dots.  I'm not much of a gamer, but about once a year I'll find one I like and get hooked, and well, here we are.

What are you currently into!?  Is it feeling like fall yet by you? If so, share the love!

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