Thoughts During a Seven Hour Car Ride

While you're reading this, I'm running around the house like a crazy person trying to last minute pack in typical Dara fashion.  Chris and I will be driving to Louisiana today, so I thought what could be more appropriate than to share a little insight into what the long car ride will most likely be like.  Here's a few thoughts that occur during a seven hour car ride around these parts.
Hour One
I must stop to stock up on all the food.  (Two drinks, three bags of chips, five different candies, and a trip across town later, you're finally ready to hit the road.)

Hour Two
(You're still nearly seven hours away because you had to stop for all the food.)  I have to pee, damn that big gulp drink.

Hour Three
Maybe I should listen to that playlist I spent hours putting together last night?  But first, nap time.  Yeah, nap sounds good.  I'll let that wonderful man of mine do the driving.

Hour Four
Are we there yet?  I have to pee.

Hour Five
How much longer?  I'm hungry, some food would be nice, oh look there's a Taco Bell, pull over, I want Taco Bell! (Because all the snacks you had to have on hour one aren't good enough.)

Hour Six
I have to pee again.  We should stop at that gas station, my legs hurt.  Can we just get a hotel and drive the rest of the way in the morning?  I'm tired.

Hour Seven
We're almost there!! That wasn't so bad! ...

What goes through your mind during long car rides?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Maybe I should just fly!

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