Summer Weekend Getaway Outfit

Summer is easily one of my favorite seasons, mostly because of all the traveling that occurs.  It's been one heck of a summer for me with so many changes that I'm not even quite sure how we're in August.    Although I may have a little more time here in Texas than some of you may have, I still want to take advantage of the warm summer weather while I can.  In just a few short weeks I'll be going home to Louisiana and as of last night I'm apparently taking a weekend trip to San Antonio the week after!  

When I pack for trips, I like to pack outfits that are cute for the day and dressy enough to be worn at night with a pair of wedges. This helps keep the packing light and to the minimum.

Sadly, I must admit that the amount of hair, makeup, and must have feminine products I carry with me take up more room than my clothes most of the time and could easily fill an entire extra bag.  

Nobody said being a female was easy.  Guys are ready to walk out the door before we're done detangling our wet hair!  They also don't have to worry about that time of the month.  It's just not fair.

One thing's for sure though; I won't let that time of the month ruin my confidence, so I pack cute things that make me happy and the right products I know I can trust.  Here's my idea of a summer outfit that can easily transform from day to night wear. Louisiana and Texas summers are nothing pretty, so I like to keep the clothing to a minimum while still being covered.
summer weekend getaway outfit
earrings | watch | top | shorts | sandals

Speaking of being covered, U by Kotex is on a mission to save the undies and prevent your weekend outfit from getting ruined. Sorry for that visual, but lezbehonest, sometimes we just can't avoid those things.  It's the joys of being a female, remember? #womenprobz

So about that extra bag of stuff women need that always has to tag along on weekend trips. In mine you can always find a bag of makeup, three different facial cleansers and exfoliators, about five different hair products that each serve a different purpose, the obligatory feminine product (my go to lately has been the U by Kotex pads with 3d capture core), and two to three different hair styling tools depending on the occasion.  #allarenecessary
u by kotex 3d capture core
I'm a try before I buy type of person and if you are too, then you can go here and get some free U by Kotex samples sent to you. Just click the "get samples" button and enter your mailing info!

What do you like to pack for weekend trips?  Are you ever worried about your outfits being ruined?

Thank U by Kotex for sponsoring today's post and showing me how to save the undies!

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