Five Year Anniversary

F I V E  Y E A R S.  Holy moly.  That's how long I've been Chris's girlfriend (yes, we're that couple that counts dating anniversaries) and it's pretty damn sweet if I do say so myself.

Five years ago, this guy lived one building down from me in college and stalked me outside, pulling  the "I had to walk my dog too" (the same time you did, how convenient!) card.  Our first conversation went something like "Heyyy you went to my high school, I know you!"  and all that other small Ray Charles to the bullish*t talk.  One thing lead to another and before I could even catch on to what was happening, he was knocking on my door minutes after he got home from work everyday to tell me his dog missed mine and should come hang out (he's a charmer I tell ya)!

Then came the next excuse:  he really liked that Crash Bandicoot Play Station game I had (the best gam ever, by the way) and really wanted to play, so I should let him come over.  I eventually caught on to what was happening here, because you know, it's totally normal for a guy to show up at your door within minutes of being home from work everyday with an excuse to see you.  It suddenly clicked that he was indeed, looking forward to seeing me everyday and made sure he found a way to do so. Persistence is key, my friends!  And before you knew it, the girl that wasn't in the mood for a boyfriend/relationship gave that guy a chance and they lived happily ever after, in four different states together, five years later, and the rest was history, errr.. more like documented all within this blog.  I'll let you do the snooping.

Happy Anniversary Boo!!

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