Dallas Lately in Photos

I finally got around to visiting more parts of Dallas and of course, trying more restaurants!    I should probably go ahead and title this post "Eating My Way Through Dallas" instead, because that's what I seem to know how to do around here.  Remember when I said all I've eaten since I moved here is Mexican food?  Well nothings changed, and I'm okay with that!  

Sunday Chris and I tried to break the Mexican pattern by changing it up and giving New Orleans style cajun food in Dallas a try, which lead us into Deep Ellum.  This little quirky part of Dallas reminded me of some parts of New Orleans itself with all the pretty street art everywhere.  After driving around a few streets looking for parking, we ended up pulling into a lot for $5 a day.  We parked only to find out the cajun place we were trying to go to was closed.  Womp womp.  Onto plan b it was.  
Of course I asked Chris if he wanted to try the Mexican place across the street and he immediately said no, since you know, he's only eaten Mexican too and wanted something different for a change.  After driving some more to look at what restaurants were further down the street, we came across Fuzzy's.  
This place was pretty popular near LSU.  You can never go wrong with a Tiger Tail beerita!  We knew they had locations in Dallas, just not in this area, so obviously we didn't think twice about eating there and once again, we had a Mexican meal.  I guess that's what you have to do if you want to feel like it's college again!  It definitely felt like the good ole Baton Rouge days!  And you really can't go wrong with $3 white queso, which by the way is surprisingly hard to find in Dallas.  What's up with that!?  I thought this place was like queso and Mexican food heaven.  Where's the white queso man!?

After we ate, I figured since we didn't have New Orleans food as planned, we should give Dallas snow balls, err sno cones a try.
Sadly, I wish I could tell you how amazing it was, but it was everything but.  If you're looking for a New Orleans style snow ball, this is not your place (crunchy ice, weird syrup, & tasted like ice) and they don't have condensed milk.  Lucky for me though , I have a family member that owns a very successful snow ball stand back home and he told me his recipe secrets, so I call that a win! When in doubt, there's always tacos and queso to save you, and for that Dallas, I thank you.

The search continues for a legit snowball and some more white queso.  Dallas ladies, tell me your secrets.  I know you know!

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