College School Supplies

Heading back to school this semester? Here's a college school supplies list to help get you started and figure out what you need! I must admit, I'm a bit sad I'm done with school because I'm missing out on all the school supplies shopping fun. I'm a sucker for fresh notebooks, blank agendas, and any excuse to buy a colorful pen.  Luckily, college and grad school supplies can be of cuter things as opposed to your ole typical box of red pens and marbled notebooks.  You get the freedom to choose how you write your notes, study, carry your books, and more.  Here are a few of must haves that got me through college and grad school.
college school supplies

One :: Sharpie Accent Highlighters
The best for highlighting and agenda color coding to get you organized!

Two ::  Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Center Stripe Tote
Because why carry a backpack when you can have a large and trendy tote?  And you can use it outside of school, #winning.

Three :: Portable iPhone Charger
For when you have a full day of classes and know you can't survive without your iPhone, this little guy will be your new best friend.

Four :: Monogrammed Water Bottle
It can get hot walking across a large campus from class to class, so why not have your water in style?

Five :: Apple iPad
Perfect for portability downloading ebook versions of your textbooks so you don't have to lug a bunch of heavy weights. 

Six :: Kate Spade Agenda
I believe in having pretty places to write my to-do lists, and best of all, this one is 17 months so it will get you through the whole school year. 

Seven :: Hair Ties
These will also come in handy when you're walking across campus in the heat to get to class.  Keep your hair up, fresh, and without a hair tie mark so you don't have to rewash it later before you go out.

Who else is with me on the school supply obsession? Will it ever end!?

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