Spark Something New: Making the Weekdays Fun Again

When Chris and I moved to Dallas, we decided we would make the work week exciting again.  This was something we were always good at during our LSU days (think Trivia/Taco Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, etc)  but lacked majorly when we lived in New England.  During the New England times, I found myself counting down the days to Friday because that meant weekend, which always means fun.  Each weekday just felt like the same boring routine and a drag to get to the next one.  We both decided we don't want to take that route again, so this week we made it a point to get out the house a few days this week.  While we normally cook during the week and save going out to eat for the weekends, we figured it would be okay to sometimes throw the outings in once or twice during the weekdays as well, especially if we failed to meal plan.  Happy hours are also always welcome and we plan on incorporating those again, weekly.  Who can complain about that one!?

This week, we began our new routine at P.F. Chang's Dallas to try some of their new menu items.  To celebrate Thirsty Thursday, Chris had the Long Island Rum Tea and I had the Red Sangria, although the Moscow Mule was pretty tempting.
Next on the agenda was the new P.F. Chang's small plates and hand rolled sushi.  We decided to start with the Jicama Pork Tacos (soooo good, by the way).  And then the sushi came.  Here's the thing with us and sushi- we're creatures of habit.  We find what we like and stick to it, meaning we rarely try anything new.  With that being said, neither one of us had tried sushi before, until yesterday.  We both like shrimp, so we decided to give the Tempura Shrimp Hand Roll a try.  I now introduce you to the two newest sushi fans, because oh my word we were pleasantly surprised.  If all sushi tastes like this P.F. Chang's sushi, I'm sold.  This is new there, so if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it.
Just when we though we couldn't fit anymore, all of this came out.  If anyone needs lunch, I have plenty of leftovers!  Someone remind us to take more people with us next time we go; the portions are huge!
And just like that, I went out of my comfort zone, tried something new and now I'm obsessed.  That's the story of my life y'all.  Have you ever been afraid to give something new a try only to find out later you really really like it!?

Thanks to P.F. Chang's for supporting today's post.

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