Goodbye Blog

I'm just going to go ahead and proclaim myself as the official dumbass of the year.  If that award exists, then helllooooo, me!  

It all started when I decided to view my Google+ profile of my personal email account (the one I use for life, work, and just about everything), and also known as the one I don't want my colleagues discovering my blog from and the one that this little blog is created under.  So while I was viewing said Google+ profile, I clicked my photos tab and what do you know, all 1100 pictures that I ever posted to this blog were nested under a little album titled "The Southern Thing" right in the public view of anyone.  My jaw dropped to the floor and I about died.  Although there's nothing to really hide here, I prefer everyone in my personal life to not be all up in my business via blog.  So I did what any smart dumb person would do and panicked and clicked delete on those photos like any other paranoid blogger would do that didn't want to obviously be spotted.  Two seconds later, I realized that I was probably making a huge mistake and sure enough I did, because this is what came next.  
After the photos were deleted, I went to my blog and found out that every post I had ever written was now without photos. Smooth move.  Real smooth.  So of course, I panicked again, took to Twitter with my mental breakdown, called Chris and told him my blog life was over and just sat frozen in disbelief for about 10 minutes.  
Once I finally got the courage to try to fix it, I went back to my Google+ profile and discovered a "trash" folder for the deleted photos with a life saver of a button  called "restore".  One click and what seemed to be a lifetime of waiting for good news, my photos were back up on the blog.

I guess the moral of this story is to always back up your shit and don't delete photo albums linked to your Google+ profile, because they seem to be the host site of all your pretty, time consuming posts.

Now... if anyone's willing to clarify the process of backing up and restoring your blog, I would really really appreciate it.  I have a saved XML file of my blog posts but I'm not sure if this is all I need and how I would even go about restoring it if this catastrophe were to happen again but couldn't be reversed.  Do you just copy all the html mumbo jumbo into each draft post on blogger as if you're starting all over, or is there a one button fixes all sort of thing?

Also, is there a way to switch my blogger profile and all blog related stuff to a different email account? I would like to have this all linked to my blog gmail account rather than my personal!