A Week Full of The Southern Things

When in the south, you do the southern thing (see what I did there?) or what I like to call spending days on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, sipping on Abita beer, boiling crawfish, and attending New Orleans weddings.  I've always said it's the little things in life that make me the happiest, and for me, those are it.  

The last week and some have been awesome days that remind me of just how much I love the sweet sweet summertime. Life seems to take over and time spent staring at computers and iPhones almost becomes nonexistent and it's just the way I like it. But then reality calls that damn iPhone to remind you that like all good things, it must come to an end, and here we are, no longer with this view. #thestruggleisreal
But that's okay, because 10 days of paradise and vacation mode are better than none.  Speaking of paradise, it all started when the car was packed on July 4th eve (is that a thing?) and the boy and I made our way back to good ole Louisiana.  We stayed for one night and then it was back on the road for us until we ended up in Gulf Shores where life consisted of this:
If I had to choose one picture that defined happiness for me, it would be the one above.  I'm pretty sure there's nothing quite better than boiled crawfish, boiled shrimp, and Abita strawberry on the beach, and of course, 'Merica.
Because after all, we have the 4th of July to thank for unexpected vacations, beachfront firework viewing, and coastal sunset seeing in the first place.
Okay, that was mean.  Enough with the beach views.  I'm sorry.  So after the beach (I swear this is the last time you hear the word beach), we went back to Louisiana to attend a New Orleans style wedding. 
Chris's best friend got married and he was the best man in the wedding.  Did I mention he gave a pretty bad-a speech/toast too!? Don't mind Chris, he's just bringing back the suspenders with one bow tie at a time! 
And of course we had to get our cajun food fix.  The Catfish Atchafalaya you see above is to die for.  It's blackened catfish filets topped over shrimp and crab étouffée.  Oh my word y'all I could eat this everyday.  Also the red beans and rice and sautéed blue crab claws.  Holy goodness.
It was the perfect, much needed vacay we'd both been waiting for.  Now, Labor Day, where y'at?  Don't take too long to get here, ya heard?

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