A Few Things We Should Thank Our Men For

Last night as I walked into the bathroom to do my nightly routine of washing my face, taking my contacts out, and brushing my teeth, I was greeted by an unexpected little guy.  By little guy, I really mean big huge black spider crawling on the floor.  My immediate reaction was something along the lines of "Chrisssssss come kill this thing."  Since you know, it's totally normal for a giant human to be  incapable of performing such a task and afraid of a microscopic bug.  And that was the moment that I realized I'd be 100% sh*t out of luck if I lived alone, because if I lived alone, or should I say lived without a man, I wouldn't have anyone to do said things.  Maybe I underestimate the guy. 
Chris could use a little more thanks every now and then, because if it wasn't for the men, who would..

- Change all the lightbulbs in the house.  Just when you think you got it down after changing the lamp bulb, your bathroom light goes out and you're faced with some ceramic thing that needs to be unscrewed from the ceiling with a hand tool and who knows what.  

- Kill the creepy crawling spiders.  Show me a roach and I just may have a heart attack.

- Grab the chips at the back of the top cabinet.  #shortpeopleproblems #help

- Pick up the dog crap. I should just go ahead and lay my head in shame for this one.  But I don't like picking up poop in a bag and if the man's around, what better person to do it, right!?

- Change the oil in your car.  Because if I did it, I would probably have oil coming out of my windshield wiper fluid squirter thingy.  Let's not do that.

- Leave the toilet seat up. Ok maybe this isn't something to thank them for, but can we at least give them credit for always remembering to do so? Now only if they could remember the grocery list this easily..

- Know what you need to complete that DIY project sitting in your Pinterest board.  "That looks easy I said," "I could do that," I said. And then I saw the instructions and figured I might as well chalk that one up as a loss. But wait, "Chrissss, help!" Maybe there's hope, because he knows how to decipher products on a site like Gotstock into things that make Pinterest dreams come true.  Screws, drill bits, saws, everything's there. Maybe I'll get those bar stools after all.

What do you need to thank your man for?

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