The Move to Dallas

Five days, 2000 miles, and 28 hours on the road later, I can finally say I now live in Dallas, Texas!  It was a long journey and to be completely honest I'm not even quite sure what day of the week it is right now, but Chris and I made it, safe and sound!  All I know is that drive was a test of endurance and patience.  All of which I don't seem to have in such situations.
texas welcome center

But I do have a love for Mexican food and Dallas sure does have plenty of it.  I've been here since Friday and I already have a list with about twenty different places I want to try and it just keeps on growing.  Anyone down for some restaurant hopping?  Hollaa.
freebirds world burritos
#idideatthat But I managd to get my butt in the gym bright and early yesterday morning instead of sleeping in on a Sunday, so there's that.

In other news, incase you were wondering, here's what the last week of my life looked like: 
Saturday:  packed and loaded up the entire apartment onto a truck to be shipped across the country.  Said a prayer and hoped all would arrive in the condition that it left.  Thankfully, it did!
cross country road trip
Sunday:left Massachusetts early in the morning and started the drive back down south!  Arrived in Winchester, Virginia Sunday night to sleep and take a much needed chips, salsa, and queso break.
chips salsa and queso
Monday: left Virginia and drove to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to visit with family.
bud light lime razberrita
Tuesday:  earned myself a pool and beerita day, which was then interrupted by my cousin's five pound yorkie crawling under a barbed wire fence to chase a damn cow across an entire hilly field.  Fyi, the cow won and the yorkie gave up. Chris came to the rescue and no animals were harmed!  Not pictured are the cow and yorkie because they were long gone by the time I remembered I'm a blogger and need to document this situation or else it never happened. #bloggerproblems
tennessee smokey mountains
Wednesday:  got back on the road and headed home to Louisiana!  Enjoyed the five pounds of crawfish and a daiquiri my mother dearest had waiting.  Real talk: In Louisiana, we have drive-thru daiquiri shops. Yes, you can order a daiquiri to-go from your car, you heard that right.
louisiana boiled crawfish
Thursday: ate my weight in Nola cajun food.  Typical move by me.  That's crawfish étouffée and red beans & rice. If you've never had this before, shame on you!
new orleans red beans and rice and crawfish étouffée
Friday:  got on the road one last time and ended up in Dallas!
welcome to texas sign
downtown dallas skyline
Whoah now. I'm exhausted just replaying the events all over again.  It really was a pretty drive, just a little too long.  If you don't hear from me, it's because I'm sleeping for the next week and a half, unless this one decides to wake me since she's all caught up on her beauty rest from the whole time driving.
black toy poodle
Ps- thanks for all the tips you all left to help survive driving that far alone!

I'm curious, what's the furthest you've ever driven? Did you enjoy it?

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