The Last New York and Boston Trip

Who recaps a vacay nearly a month later? This girl.  But let's face it, a late recap is probably better than no recap at all.  Or at least for me it is, since if I don't document it, it never happened and I'll forget all the little moments by this time next year.  Hello, 25 going on 80 here.  

I don't even know how to begin this other than the fact that we'll call it the last New York and Boston, since sadly, these trips probably are my last ones there for a realllly long time.  

It all started on May 10, when my dad arrived in Boston for the very first time!  We spent the day around the city and tried to show him around as much as possible.  Since you can't really see Boston in one day, or any tourist city for that matter, we ended up making another trip back.  After checking Boston off the list, we headed for New York City for a few days.  Our hotel room was right smack in the middle of Times Square.  That's cool and all, but now I finally understand what the locals mean by the frustration of all the people in midtown.  Maybe I've been to NYC too many times and the excitement's worn off and I'm just over it, but wow my patience was gone.  It's just a billboard people, keep moving!  Regardless, I still snapped a few photos.  Although someone should take my blogger license away because picture taking was not the center of this trip.  I'm not sure what the excuse is for that one.

So my dad visited for a week and then had to fly back home the night of my graduation.  Then it was time to entertain mother dearest for the next two weeks.  We had a house full to say the least.  And then I did just about everything I had already done the previous week in Boston and NYC with daddy-o, but it was mom's first time in both cities, so I had to compromise.  Somewhere along the way I managed to go to my first Red Sox game in Boston!

One of the most memorable parts of the trip was being able to spend our birthday (yes, I share a birthday with my mom) in NYC together.  The day started with being sung happy birthday in Times Square, followed by dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant in the city, Qi Bangkok, and a trip to 230 Fifth, also known as the most balling rooftop bar in NYC.  Sadly, it rained the entire day, so it was nearly impossible to take any decent pictures, but it was still fun!

Like I said, there's really no way to organize this, so I'm just going to upload a few pictures.  By few, I really mean like fifty and I guess I should take back that previous statement of having a lack of pictures.  I lied.

Let's start with Boston first.
Here's the deal with Giacomo's in the Boston North End.  I think it's overrated, not worth the 2 hour wait, and the service was terrible.  We had the rudest waitress I've ever come across.  Honestly, this seafood pasta you see is from Cafe Pompei, right down the street, with no wait.  It was one of the best pasta dishes I've had in quite some time. Notice how I didn't snap a photo of my food from Giacomo's.
Let's hear it for New Yorkkk..
Visiting the 9/11 memorial with my Dad.
Rooftoop of The Roosevelt
Watching someone's reaction in Grand Central for the first time is priceless!
This was from my birthday dinner at Qi Bangkok. The place is decorated with glass chandelier boxes around all the tables and they have ghost chairs.  How perfect!?
Rainy rooftop shot from 230 Fifth
And then on my last day in NYC, I found my new favorite place, the Boat Basin Cafe.  If patio drinking on the water is your thing, this is the place to be!
Not pictured is my favorite New York pizza from Famous Ray's.  If you're visiting the city, I recommend ordering a whole fresh pie!

Okay, so I counted 19 photos.  That's got to be a record.

What are some of your favorite places in New York or Boston?

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