How To Spot a Blogger

Blogging.  It's a weird hobby and we're all addicted to it.  It has its perks, trends, and everything in between.  

For the most part, many of us bloggers like to hide this little hobby of ours from the outside world.  However, before you go on thinking your blog addiction is some secret, think again, because I've got 7 ways to spot a blogger.  They're pretty darn obvious when you think about it and compare to non-bloggers.  

What can I say, we're so cliche!
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1.  Go to a restaurant and look around.  Find someone taking a picture of their food.  But wait, I don't mean just any picture of food.  I'm talking look for someone taking a picture of their food, but repositioning the entire table to do so. The girl pulling Ray Bans out of her Louis to make her picture pretty, yep, she's a blogger.

2.  Stalk an Instagram account.  If there's bright pictures of peonies, gold shit, pink shit, and sparkly shit, she must be a blogger.

3.  Check Twitter stats.  If you're friend has thousands and thousands of Twitter followers, from all over the world, they're most likely a blogger.  Or just up to some sketchy shit, in which case you should investigate.

4.  Stalk Instagram some more.  This one's a given.  If a person has over 300 likes on a single photo, they're a blogger. 

5.  Tour someone's house, specifically the office.  If there's a white desk, framed prints, more gold shit, and some sort of trendy pattern, she's a blogger.

6.  Go on a walk.  If you see a girl taking pictures of her outfit on the street, she's a blogger. 

7.  Go to Target.  Bloggers love Target.  If they're pulling random crap off the shelves, repositioning toilet paper, and taking pictures of products on the store floor, you know you've hit the jackpot in the blogger search.

And there you have it, 7 ways to spot a blogger.  Are you guilty of any of the above!?  If so, maybe this hobby of yours isn't so secret afterall ;)

I'm curious.. what tricks do you use to spot a blogger? 

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