Five Things To Do in a New City

So you live in a new city and don't know where to begin.  If you're anything like me, you're like a kid in a candy store with all the new exciting discoveries you're taking in.  It can be overwhelming since  nothing is familiar and you feel like you're in one of those oversized human mazes.  You'll eventually get used to it, but for now you're just the new kid on the block.  No worries though, because we're in this one together.  

Yesterday was my moment in a new city that I just described above.  I may have gotten a little too excited once I found a few (ok I lied, this is Dallas, who am I kidding) a ton of my new favorite restaurants and shopping malls.  I was all "Look they have Bloomingdale's!" and "Look this cajun restaurant has crawfish" and "Oh my god there's a Saks, Nordstrom, and Charming Charlie's all within walking distance!"  (this is what happens when you've been living in sleepy city for two years). Chris sat quietly in the car while I got it all out and then finally asked "are you ok?" because honestly, I wasn't.  I was the kid in the candy store.  But hey, at least I burned a few calories from all the excitement.

And then it hit me that I've got to take it down a notch.  As much as I'd like, I can't go to 20 different restaurants, 10 different bars, 5 different malls, and various towns all in one week.  Or maybe I can, but my body may explode and my wallet may just come to life and kill me.  Let's not do that.

I'll just stick with this simple plan:
dallas texas skyline at night
1. Make a list and pace yourself.  Write down all the places and things you want to see, do, eat, etc.  Take your time (easier said than done) and you'll eventually get it all done.  Rome wasn't built in a day (why the hell wasn't it?) For real though, don't try to eat at 20 different places in one week.

2.  Learn the area.  This is especially true if you're living in a big city.  Unless you really know the area, don't jump into it right away and buy a house.  Take the city for a test drive for a few months to catch the pattern of where you tend to frequent the most, then decide.

3.  Get a new wardrobe.  New city, new you.  A new city is a place for a fresh start!  If you moved to the south from the north, you won't be needing that thick winter coat anymore.  Toss it.  Or vice versa.

4.  Act like the locals.  Maybe you moved somewhere that has unique tendencies, give it a shot!  I've never been a fan of cowboy boots and rodeos but since I'm living in Dallas now, you better believe I'll be there! Okay but the boots though.. we'll have to see about that.

5. Be friendly.  After all, you're just the new kid.  New kids need friends too.  Put on your happy smile and get out there and whatever you do, don't act like you own the place.

Have you ever lived in a new city?  What would you recommend?

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