14-Day Slim Down for Summer

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It's been over a year since I've been to the beach.  A lot can happen in a year, like weight gain, loss of tan, and loss of confidence.  The struggle is real and it's about to get a lot more real.  I have a beach trip planned for the 4th of July.  Cue panic mode.  

Genie, if I could have one wish, it would be to make these extra pounds disappear over night.  Something's got to be done stat, Genie, so I promise I'll pick up the slack and help with the process too.  I have an idea, I promise.

Insert the Slimfast 14-Day Slimdown.  Word on the street says you can lose up to 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks, so I'm willing to give it a go.  That will be a nice little jump start to reach my end goal and sounds easy enough.  All you have to do is eat a piece of cake protein meal replacement bar.  I think I can handle that!
slimfast have your cake meal replacement bar
I tried my first bar and was quite impressed.  You see that funfetti piece of cake on the package? It's there for a reason because this bar really does taste just like that.  I've always been a person that craved sweets early in the morning, so I decided to use the Slimfast protein meal bar as a breakfast meal replacement.  The 180 calories, 8g of protein, and 6g of fiber kept me full all morning.  You really can have your cake and eat it too!  I'm confident using this as a meal replacement is something I can stick with, since you know, I basically had cake for breakfast, so I've put together a meal plan to follow to help get slimmed down for summer.  
slim down meal plan for summer
With my busy schedule, I knew I wanted to incorporate a breakfast meal replacement with the bar since it's quick and perfect for on the go, but you can use it as a replacement for any meal throughout the day.  

I'm hoping that this will help shed those extra pounds and get me ready to sit with my toes in the sand with this view.
beach party cup
Slimfast recommends you do the following: swap 2 meals a day with a slimfast meal replacement, don't exceed 1200 calories, consume 500 calories on your third meal, enjoy three 100 calorie snacks, and incorporate 30 minutes of exercise with plenty of water.
slimfast meal bars
Vanilla cake and there's even sprinkles on the bar.  Yes please!  If you would like to learn more, you can follow them on Facebook and Pinterest!
slimfast have your cake vanilla protein meal bars

What's your favorite way to get slimmed down for summer?  Any tips?

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