Summer Festival Attire

Festival season is here.  It's the time to soak up the sun with some good vibes all around you.  With the season comes endless music festivals, one of my all time favorite things to do.  Since most of the good ones are during this time of year, you not only want to dress to catch some rays, you want to stay cool.  Shorts and tanks are always my go to option when going to a music fest, unless you happen to attend during a tropical storm.  You'll probably want to stay away from skirts and dresses since you'll most likely be doing some sitting or laying in the grass at times, unless showing your goods is your thing,  I won't judge.  When I go, this is usually what my outfits consist of- Levi's shorts, tanks, closed shoes for all the standing and walking, a bag to keep a few important items, and some bangles to dress it up a bit. 
summer festival outfit
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levi's 501 shorts
I personally like the Levi's 501 shorts since they're not extremely short, yet don't scream grandma.  A few of my favorite Levi's styles are shown above.  Denim is great since it goes with everything, but if you're feeling brave and aren't afraid of a little grass stain, the white shorts would also be a good choice.  Just be sure to check the weather forecast and make sure a hurricane isn't heading your way, or else bring your rain boots and poncho ;)

To me, this is the easiest way to get equipped for the summer.  Just pair your favorite color shorts with a flowy top and you'll be all set!  You can check out all the styles here and find your new summer staple.

What's your favorite festival attire?

This post is sponsored by Levi's but all opinions are my own.

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