Spring Vacation, Birthday, and Why I've Been MIA

There's something about spring, summer, and vacation that make time for blogging nearly inexistent. I've always been one to say live your life, and then blog about it, so that's exactly what I've been doing.  But since I had a moment to pop in real quick and felt bad leaving this place blank, I figured I could at least say hi and write a little update on what I've been doing.  Yep, that means I scheduled a blog post!  Does this mean I have my life together!? 

First things first... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I'm the big two-five.  Um where the hell has the time gone?  I feel like it was just a year ago I was celebrating being able to purchase alcohol.. legally at least. What the what!?  I wouldn't mind this whole aging process to stop anytime now, but when it involves New York City and rooftop bars, I don't mind it.  I apologize in advance if I clog your instafeed.  But really, I'm not sorry, cuz it's ma birfday and I do what I wanna.
So about this whole mia explanation thingy, life has been so busy lately, but in the best way possible!  I've been on vacation for over a week now and I have another week to go.  I can't complain about that!  

Over the past week, my countdown officially ended on May 17 when I graduated from graduate school and received my Master's degree. If you've been reading this blog for some time now, you already know I've been anxiously awaiting that date because it means I finally get to move back south and be done with school forever.  It's a long two years when you count every single day.  Now I can finally start that new chapter in 4 weeks, so cheers to that!

My parents have also been in town, which is the main reason I've been mia.  I got to visit with my dad for the past week, spent a night in New York City, and a few days in Boston with him and Chris. Now my mom is here for the next week, so I've been showing her around Boston, attended my first Red Sox game, and now in New York City for a few nights.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but my mom and I share the same birthday, so I guess I'll share my day... just a little!  FYI, all gifts are welcome. There's only one problem though.  I'm pretty sure the lady at the liquor store forgot to hand me back my ID two weeks ago, so if I can't get into the bars, we gon have some probs.  I may have to go La'Dara up on them, just saying.

So that's it.  I've been mia because life has finally taken over.  Once the crazy slows down a little I'll be sure to do a full graduation, New York, and Boston recap, so stay tuned my friends!  I hope you're enjoying you're time with this beautiful weather as much as I am.

Damn this was a random post.


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