Quatrefoil Home Decor

It's evident in my apartment that I may have a slight obsession with quatrefoil patterns.  My rug, candle holders, shower curtain, bath mats, and now, Kleenex boxes are all quatrefoil.  Not only are they all quatrefoil, they all have some shade of light blue incorporated into them.  I guess there's no way in denying the fact that when I like something, I really like it, and then proceed to buy everything that matches the description.  Is this some kind of diagnosed obsession?  Because if not, it should be.  

I do the same thing with clothes too.  If I find one shirt I like in a store, I'll buy that one shirt in all color options.  There's no need to even keep looking in the store because I just hit the jackpot.  So now I have a house and closet full of all the same stuff.  Here's proof:

teal and brown living room
and more quatrefoil!
kleenex design studio
And I may have officially gone overboard with the bathroom, now that there are Kleenex style boxes

Typically, I would hide things like tissue and toilet paper, but when I saw this cute box from the new Kleenex style studio I had to have it. Blue, check!  Quatrefoil, check!  Matches the bathroom, sold! Now my guests won't have to awkwardly ask for the necessities.

And that's the story of my life y'all.  Maybe next time I'll change it up a bit.  I've seen some Isaac Mizrahi Kleenex designs that were cute... and guess what!?  There's more than quatrefoil.  In fact, there's a ton of styles!  You can check them all out here, take a style quiz, learn some facts, and will have no need to hide those tissue boxes.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who buys multiples of the same thing.  I'd like to feel a little less cray.  That's all.

This post was sponsored by Kleenex, but my love for their style is my own.

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