Graduation and.. an Engagement?

May 17, 2014.  That was the date I had been counting down to ever since I packed up my car and moved 1,400 miles across the country nearly two years ago.  The date, 5/17/14, signified the day that I was finally free, done with school forever, received my Master's degree, and could finally leave New England and go back south to start a new life chapter!  

To be more specific, I graduated (magna cum laude, what whattt!?) and I'm finally freaking finished with grad school and the countdown is officially over!!!  

I've always been patient with school and it never really bothered me, but oh my word, somewhere during my second year of grad school I caught a really late case of senioritis.  There's only so much schooling one can handle in a life time to keep their sanity, and this was my limit.  But was it worth it?  Hell yes.

I'm thinking I should do a post on everything you need to know about grad school since it's a question many seem to consider.  More on that later though, let's just keep this a recap like I intended.  Except there's not that much you can recap about a graduation other than the fact that you sit through an hour long ceremony, try not to face plant across the stage getting your diploma, take way too many pictures, and then celebrate with family and friends by eating hibachi.  For the record, I didn't face plant, so I call that a win.

And because the unwritten rules of blogland says every blog post needs pictures, here you go!
me with the parentals
me with my boo thang
So after taking a million pictures with Chris and my parents, Chris thought it would be cute to pull a fast one on us.  I had just finished posing for, what I thought would be the last picture, when Chris handed the camera to my dad and said wait, I have one more I need you to get.  I turn around and find him down on one knee, acting like he's about to propose and I about died laughing.  I knew the second I saw him down that he was joking, now my parents, I'm pretty sure they fell for it for a second.  It's never a dull moment with this one, y'all!

For the record, I'm not engaged!  He's just lucky I don't take him seriously half the time and didn't burst out in tears of joy at the moment, because that would have been awkward!

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