Currently I am...

Currently I am...

-Done with grad school!! And school in general!  I took my last final today and I'm now officially a free woman!  No more studying.. ever!
-Loving my new poodle, I mean my poodle's new haircut.

-Excited that my Dad will be here this weekend and my Mom soon after!  Two weeks of vacation time in NYC, Boston, and wherever else.. don't mind if I do!

-Planning like a crazy person at the last minute for these trips. 

-Counting down the days until graduation!
-Needing some new outfits for all this vacation time coming up.  I have nothing cute.  No lies.

-Anticipating these 80 degree temps the weather man has been speaking of as of late. I almost can't believe it.

-Hating the woman that rear ended me on my way home Monday.
-Making a birthday list for my birthday in 2 weeks!  My Mom and I have the same birthday, so it looks like I'll be sharing the day in NYC with her.

-Dreading the thought of having to pack to move in a few weeks and drive 25 hours by myself, since Chris will be driving his car back.

-Needing a huge glass of wine, chips, queso, and some.  It hasn't hit me yet that I'm done for good.

-Smiling at the thought of peacing out of this btch. I love endings and new beginnings!

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