An Evening at the Taj Boston with Kristi Yamaguchi

Yesterday I got a taste of what it's like to attend a blogging event outside of the blog world we like to call the interwebs, and by taste, I mean I got to indulge in wine and cheese on a rooftop.  That's not a bad way to spend an evening, in my opinion!  

The event was hosted by Alpine Lace cheese and the oh so talented Kristi Yamaguchi.  They went all out and created a fabulous event at the Taj Boston.  The view wasn't so bad either if you ask me!
boston skyline
I got to meet the star of the show, Mrs. Kristi herself!  She got to show off her awesome dance moves from Dancing with the Stars and then later we got to learn the rumba!  Of course, on Cinco de Mayo I just so happened to wear a red salsa dress.  That was totally not planned, but hey, it worked out just fine!
kristi yamaguchi alpine lace
rumba dance instructors
After I realized I have two left feet, I decided it was best to stick with what I know- food and drinks.  There was a station with Alpine Lace swiss cheese and many pairing options.  After trying a few different pairings, I decided I liked the spiced nut and swiss cheese combo the best.
wine and cheese pairings
wine event setup
I spy myself to the left of Kristi's head!

I had such a great time meeting some Boston bloggers, Kristi, and the Alpine Lace directors that coordinated this awesome event!  If you ever get the chance to go to the Taj, I would highly recommend it.  The rooftop offers some of the best views of Boston!

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