28 Day Challenge

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It's no secret by now that I treat my poodle as if she were a child.  Ok who am I kidding, she is my child, my furchild to be exact.  She gets Christmas gifts, clothes, birthday cookies, and even haircuts before I do.  If that doesn't scream spoiled then I don't know what does. I like to make sure she's the happiest little poodle there ever was, which is why we'll be doing the Purina One 28 Day Challenge.  A quick trip to the store and bag of Purina One lamb & rice food later, we were all set.
Homegirl, because she's so spoiled, hasn't been eating much of her regular food lately.  I think she's gotten used to munching and crunching on dog cookies and pizza crust a little too much and now she's picky with her dog food.  She's also put on a pound or two, as evident in the neck rolls the poodle princess has been rocking as of late.  Hailey needs a south beach Purina One diet stat.  She's somehow picked up the habit of only eating the chewy pieces in her current dog food, and now likes to spend her time chilling on the couch more than anything.  Lazy is an understatement, but I must admit I wish I could look that cute on a couch!
It is my hope that during the Purina One 28 Day Challenge Hailey will gain some more energy, see improvements in digestion, and finally enjoy the taste of her dog food again.  They say you can see improvements as quickly as the first day, so here's to hoping we have a successful 28 days.  I'm feeling good about this one y'all!
If you would like to join us on the 28 Day Challenge (you totally should), you can sign up here and get a $3 off coupon towards a bag of Purina One dog food.
Has your dog ever suddenly disliked their food or put on an extra few pounds?  What did you do that helped?

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