What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby has always been special to me.  It reminds me of my late PawPaw and his love for horse betting.  It's one of my biggest memories of him.  He was the man that would wake up in the morning, crack open a Pepsi, and study the horse racing paper every single day.  Each year he was convinced he would win the superfecta bet.  For those of you unfamiliar, to win a Kentucky Derby superfecta bet, you must pick the first four horses to finish the race, in the correct order.  Unfortunately, he never hit it big and rich, but it didn't change his love for it.  

From spending a lot of time with my PawPaw, I've seen my fair share of horse races, but I can't say I've ever been. Going to the Kentucky Derby is on my bucket list though.  I love how classy and fun the event seems.  Men and women dressed their best, big statement floppy hats, and gorgeous dresses are my kind of thing!

I would say a lot of thought goes into deciding what to wear to the Kentucky Derby.  If I were trying to put together my outfit, I would start from the hat and go from there.  Choosing the perfect outfit seems like an overwhelming task, so I've put together how to get derby ready with pieces many of you already have.  You can easily dress up any party or sundress with your statement watch, signature jewelry pieces, and your favorite nude pumps that go with everything. The only shopping you would possibly have to do is find a fancy shamncy floppy hat to go with your dress and there you have it, instant derby ready!
kentucky derby outfit
Now I know you're probably wondering why people get all dressed up to sit outside only to find out all those hours spent getting fabulous won't even count once the heat settles in.  That's where Cottonelle comes to the rescue to keep you feeling confident.  Just like celebrities looking red carpet ready have a green room, the Kentucky Derby has a clean room with refreshing stations to touch up on hair and makeup.  Terrace level facilities are upgraded with flushable cleansing cloths to help you stay fresh, so all you have to do is keep looking fab!

Cottonelle is upping the ante at this year’s Kentucky Derby and is also launching The Cottonelle Great Finish giveaway that will reward the first 15,000 Americans entered with a year supply of products, if the No. 1 and No. 2 positioned racehorses place in that order during the race. If any of y'all are looking to get lucky in Kentucky (or outside of Kentucky) you can sign up at the Cottonelle page here, click the Cottonelle Great Finish Giveaway, click sign up now, and register for the Cottonelle Updates website.  It's that simple!  

Have you been to the Kentucky Derby?  How did you get derby ready?

this post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but my love for the derby is my own!

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