Things That Make Me Happy

When two of your favorite people make a link up and it's been a hot minute since you've updated your happy list, what do you do?  You make a list of 32 things that make you happy and link up, duh.

Here's the 32 things that make me happy:

1.  Being at home surrounded by family and friends.

2.  Hearing different music on every corner while walking through in the French Quarter.

3.  The loudness of my entire family when we're all together.

4.  The fact that I can honestly say I enjoy hanging out with my family and my cousins are like the siblings I never had.

5.  Drinking a cold beer on a sunny and warm beach.
6.  Having crawfish boils and endless amounts of it all while Abita Strawberry is in season.

7.  Eating seafood buffets at the casino with all the crab legs my little heart can desire.

8.  The amount of love and support that's seen everywhere throughout New Orleans for the Saints.

9.  The fact that some think New Orleans hasn't been the same since Katrina, but in fact we're better than ever.

10.  Taking weekend trips to NYC with my boo.
11.  The thought that I'll be graduating with my Master's degree in a month and I'll be done with school.  Forever.

12.  The feeling I get when vacation has just started and there are zero give a shits left to give.

13.  Laughing hysterically at any old school Adam Sandler movie regardless of how many times I've seen it.

14.  The fact that in two months I'll be living in a new city and back in the south.

15.  The comfort of a freshly cleaned home.
16.  The anticipation of family and friends coming to visit or vice versa.

17.  Thunderstorms and the weird excitement of a hurricane party.

18.  The start of football season.

19.  The chills I get every time I hear the LSU fight song in Tiger Stadium.

20.  The laid back and calm vibes of simply just being in the south.

21.  Seeing the poodle child wag her tail when I give her bacon treats.
22.  Waking up on Christmas morning to see a smile on everyone's face and feeling special because my mom still plays Santa ;)

23. The change of seasons and that first feeling of fresh fall air.

24.  The instant confidence boost a new outfit or hairstyle gives.  

25.  The fact that my parents can't go an entire day without talking to me.  That's how I know they care.

26.  The feeling of accomplishment I get when I manage to keep something organized for more than a week.
27.  Going to my Meme's house and being offered a fresh cooked meal of my choice when I haven't even been there for more than two minutes.

28.  Coming home from work when it's finally yoga pants and v-neck tee time.

29.  Hot bubble baths after a long winter day.

30.  Live music of any kind.

31.  Anything and everything that includes being on the water with a drink.
32.  Regardless of any tough times, the happy ones always outweigh them.

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