Rain Boots for Any Season

This year I discovered one of my biggest obsessions: rain boots.  I'm 110% sure I wore wellies this past winter more than I wore my leather riding boots.  In fact, I'm not sure why I even bothered searching for the perfect pair of riding boots this year.  Majority of my days were spent walking through unplowed parking lots and sidewalks and these babies were a lifesaver.  Last year as a newbie New Englander I purchased a pair of winter snow boots.  They were ugly and I never wore them.  So instead, I ruined all of my good shoes with salt and snow stains.  This time around, the magic shoe fairy whispered a hint in my ear and told me to get with it.  I listened and I've been thankful ever since.
rainboot welly
Since spring is finally kind of here, I know the last thing you want to be reminded of is snow, so I apologize in advance.  But for real, they work.  And they apparently work for all seasons!
As usual, I'm late to the game with most things and rain boot wellies for me were no different. But I've officially joined the club!  

This morning I had the pleasure of getting owned by the rain while walking into work.  It was one of those rainstorms that seem to drizzle the entire time except the time you actually have to get out of the car, and then boom (cue the time to get soaked downpour).  Just perrrrfect.  My clothes may have been soaked, but my feet were dry!

And just like that, spring teased us with is presence and now the gloomy skies and wind are back.  One thing is for sure though; there's nothing a cute, hot pink pair of Joules wellies can't fix.  Get you some!

How do you like to wear your rain boots?  Do you wear wellies in the snow?

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