Quick and Healthy Snack for a Busy Lifestyle

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During the week, I am typically pressed for time.  Between being a full time graduate student and worker, I must portion my time wisely.  When I get home, my workload is not over; it has rather just begun.  My evenings are usually spent working on various assignments, papers, and research projects (hence why I can't wait for May!!) and the last thing I want to do is spend my one hour of free time I may have over the stove.  I try to eat healthy during the week since the weekends are usually filled with a lack of self-control and splurging.  Because of those eating frenzies I choose to partake in, I try my best to make up for it during the week, but it can be tough.  When I get home, I'm usually starving to the point where I want to eat my entire pantry.  Whatever is easily accessible is my go-to.  Since I can't eat Oreos and chips on the daily as an evening snack without having to purchase an additional gym membership for all those extra pounds, I began searching for healthier alternatives that are just as quick.

My latest go-to 'feed me now, I'm starving' snack has been turkey, cheese, and crackers.  I love how light the snack is without sacrificing taste.
easy healthy snack
ThAlpine Lace® Swiss Cheese has been my reduced fat cheese of choice since it's much lighter than other choices and it doesn't hurt that is has 25% less fat than most.  I'm all about not feeling guilty after eating and this allows me to do just that.  

I personally love pairing the swiss cheese with smoked turkey breast and a rosemary flavored cracker, but if that's not your thing then you're in luck because cheese is good on anything, am I right!?
healthy snack options
This balanced snack helps keep me full and fueled for my busy evenings.  The Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese is also good on grilled cheese sandwiches, my other favorite go-to quick snack.  Head on over to their site if you are interested in a healthier alternative, there are many other flavors to choose from if Swiss isn't your thing!

What are your favorite snacks for your busy lifestyle?  I would love for you to share so I can add more to my list!

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